Are you drinking enough water?

It is getting hot outside. Are you drinking enough fluids? What are the effects of being dehydrated? Here are some quick tips for making sure you stay hydrated this summer.

Ever wonder how a restricted nervous system impacts your muscle groups?

Ever wonder how a tight and restricted nervous system impacts your muscle groups? Do you experience at times difficulty stretching out your muscles? Sometimes when you stretch do you feel pain that is best described as nerve based rather than muscular stiffness? These may all be signs of a restricted nervous system. Your body puts up guardrails of muscular tightness to prevent you from moving in ways that strains your nerves. Follow along with Heidi as she walks you through beginner level nervous system mobilization exercises to help free up your nerves, reduce your muscular stiffness, and improve your overall mobility. Click the link below to download a paper version of these exercises. Let’s get mobilized!

Click here to download nervous system mobilization exercises

Lower Extremity Foam Rolling with Heidi

Follow along with Heidi as she takes you through lower extremity foam rolling. Foam rolling is so important for improving your soft tissue mobility while minimizing strain across your joints. Foam roll today, be flexible tomorrow, ready to be moving for the weekend!

If you like our video, click the link below to download a paper handout of today’s foam rolling exercises.

LE Foam Rolling Handout

Lower Extremity Strength Training 2 with Heidi

Follow along as Heidi takes you through additional lower extremity strengthening exercises. There are lots of modifications in here for any skill level. Most important, you keep moving!  Don’t forget to click the link below if you would like a paper version of the exercises. Be well, stay healthy!

LE strengthening level 2

Welcome to our Vlog


We are starting a new Vlog at Pro Motion. With our Vlog, we will share:

  • Exercises you can try at home to help your pain
  • Interesting health information and self help topics we think you will enjoy
  • Information about our approach to physical therapy, pain management, and rehabilitation

As always, if there is anything you would like to talk about, we are a phone call/email/or video chat away. Stay healthy, be well,