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Our Physical Therapists go the extra mile to provide comprehensive and individualized care. Through hour-long sessions, we take time to get to know patients on a deeper level – beyond just their ailments or afflictions. We recognize that everyone has unique circumstances in life which impact how they respond during treatment; this knowledge allows us to create a more effective plan for moving forward. Our unique approach to treatment is designed to help your body restore balance and harmony, putting you back in control of pain-free living. Through a combination of manual techniques and guided exercises, our team will assist your journey toward unlocking the freedom that comes with lasting relief. Our friendly team is waiting to help you begin your journey to wellness. Take the first step by either clicking the link below or giving us a call – we look forward to it!

Extra time and attention makes a real difference in recovery.

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  • The physical therapy was an experience that revolved around community, support and camaraderie.


  • My staff and I have never had trouble reaching any of the staff members at Pro Motion. Patients are happy with the environment that they are treated in. They are flexible with their schedules to be able to accommodate patient needs.

    Dr. Ram

  • In less than 12 months time, I’ve had two major back surgeries. Throughout the entire ordeal, the therapists at Pro Motion Physical Therapy really helped me with pain management and manual therapy. Thank you, Pro Motion Physical Therapy!

  • I went through a regimen with Chelsea who was just outstanding! She listened carefully, was very professional and accomplished. I was like a new person.


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