Sorry, we are closed temporarily due to the COVID-19 outbreak

As the risk of the COVID-19 pandemic spreads more widely in our area, Pro Motion has decided that we will close end of Wednesday, March 25 until further notice due to the pandemic. This is not a decision we made lightly. The health and wellness of our patients, employees, and community as a whole is of paramount importance to us. Despite implementing the best practices of the CDC and WHO, we are increasingly concerned that the close contact required in our care is of too much risk for all of us.

Like you, we want to re-start operations as soon as it is reasonably safe. We are continuously monitoring the situation and taking things on a day-to-day approach. Once there is a downturn in infections, we believe that state and federal agencies will have a clearer picture on when it will be safe for businesses to re-open. We will keep you informed through our Website, Facebook Page, and email distributions.

Now more than any time in our history, our society needs compassion and empathy. In this light, during the interluding time before we reopen, we will be reaching out to you by video chat or telephone for free consultations to ensure your home exercise program is continuing, tips and tricks to safely maintain your exercises while at home, or just to talk through the wide range of emotions I'm sure we are all experiencing.

This crisis is unlike any we have previously seen. Following hurricanes, earthquakes, snowmageddons, and 9/11, there are things that we as individuals, companies, and a country could and did do. During this crisis, the best thing we can do is to adhere to social distancing and stay home. By our nature, we are not used to that. For us it is harder to stay home then to cook and bring meals to neighbors, offer rides and assistance, shovel driveways, clear debris, and generally help your neighbors and family.

We hope that you and your families stay safe and in good health during this challenging time. We look forward to treating you again as soon as we can.

Scott and Puja

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Clients and referring physicians appreciate the benefits of extended hour-long sessions provided only by highly skilled Physical Therapists. A patient is never just an ailment or affliction to us. They’re whole people, with personal circumstances that affect their treatment responses and therapeutic needs. That’s why it’s important to get to know the patient and provide a level of care that goes beyond traditional physical therapy treatments.

Extra time and attention makes a real difference in recovery.

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  • The physical therapy was an experience that revolved around community, support and camaraderie.


  • My staff and I have never had trouble reaching any of the staff members at Pro Motion. Patients are happy with the environment that they are treated in. They are flexible with their schedules to be able to accommodate patient needs.

    Dr. Ram

  • In less than 12 months time, I’ve had two major back surgeries. Throughout the entire ordeal, the therapists at Pro Motion Physical Therapy really helped me with pain management and manual therapy. Thank you, Pro Motion Physical Therapy!

  • I went through a regimen with Chelsea who was just outstanding! She listened carefully, was very professional and accomplished. I was like a new person.


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